Real Estate Agent in Oxford Alabama Helps Out

 Joey Crews team from Oxford Alabama

After the real estate bust of 2008, many communities were left in ruins. Hampton was no exception. Over 25% of the real estate companies in the city had to file bankruptcy. It was a very bad time. Fortunately, we live in a country that knows how to rebound from things like this. There are now more real estate agents in Hampton than ever before. Kenji Wonch from Gibson and Associates says that they were fortunate to have been able to weather the storm. She said the main reason was because of Joey Crews.

Joey is a real estate agent in Oxford AL that knows a lot about weathering storms. He owned a lot of real estate during the 90’s that went bust. He said he learned a lot from that experience and fortunately for Kenji, he was happy to share with her the things that made the difference.

Joey’s Anniston homes listings show his knowledge of the market. He says that although he is just an agent, he has more sales than other brokerage houses in Oxford, Alabama or Anniston. Kenji has used Joey’s advice to increase her own listings in Hampton.

His experience in Oxford real estate listings has put him on the map because the city is now the main city between Birmingham and Atlanta. It has grown over 13% in the last 6 years. Joey has used I-20 as his main advertising. When coming into the city it’s impossible to miss Joey’s billboards. Kenji has taken notice and is doing the same in Hampton.

Joey was profiled back in November by being the best real estate agent in Anniston as voted on by over 317 businesses. His website is in the top 10 in the country for design and accessibility.

Joey visits Kenji often and has donated generously to the city of Hampton in the past. We thank him for his southern hospitality and wish him the best in everything.

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